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Prayer Books Index / Tables of Contents

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Prayers I

      1. A Prayer of Salvation
      2. A Prayer of Deliverance
      3. A Prayer for the Heart
      4. A Prayer for Peace
      5. Toward Inner Healing
      6. Prayer for Renewing the Mind
      7. To Release the Power of the Blood
      8. A Prayer for Hope
      9. A Prayer for God's Presence
      10. Prayer for Healing
      11. Prayer for Grace
      12. A Prayer for this Generation
      13. A Prayer for Mercy
      14. A Prayer for Meekness
      15. A Prayer for Humility
      16. A Prayer for Purity
      17. Blessings from God
      18. More Blessings from God
      19. The Twenty-third Psalm
      20. Romans 8 for Me
      21. Agreement with Jesus' Prayer (John 17)
      22. A Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Prayers II

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      1. Trusting God...a Way of Life
      2. A Prayer to Seek God...and Trust
      3. Reflecting on Jesus' Love for Me
      4. Lord, Increase My Faith
      5. Making Bitter Waters Sweet
      6. A Prayer to Enter into the rest of Assured Salvation
      7. A Prayer to Strengthen the Soul
      8. A Prayer to Break Generational Curses
      9. A Prayer for Wisdom in Speaking
      10. Praising God in the Midst of Trusting
      11. A Prayer in Times to Trials and Temptation
      12. The Prayer to Enter God's Presence
      13. Entering the Presence of God
      14. Praying Against Evil
      15. A Prayer for the Family
      16. A Prayer for Life

Prayers III

      1. The Language of the Body in Prayer
      2. A Prayer of Surrender
      3. A Prayer of the Human Spirit
      4. A Prayer to Experience and Enjoy Jesus
      5. A Prayer to be a Person of Honor
      6. A Declaration of Victory in Christ
      7. A Prayer for Beauty
      8. A Prayer for Restful Sleep
      9. Disarming the Enemy
      10. Breaking Leviathan, King of Pride
      11. A Prayer to Overcome Rejection
      12. A Prayer to Overcome Death
      13. A Prayer to Overcome Poverty
      14. Prayer for an Open Heaven
      15. When You Need a Hiding Place, a Haven, a Shelter, and a Refuge
      16. A Prayer for the Lost
      17. Prayer to Release People to Come to Ministry Gatherings
      18. A Prayer for Unity and Ethnic Reconciliation in the Body of Christ
      19. A Prayer for Ambassadors of Jesus Christ
      20. A Prayer for Those in the Five-fold Ministry
      21. A Prayer for the Nations

Prayers IV and More

      1. A Prayer of Salvation
      2. A Prayer to Overcome Greed
      3. A Prayer of Joy: Calling Nations to Resurrection
      4. Defeating Belial in the Midst
      5. Praying for the Persecuted
      6. Cry of the Covenant
      7. Praying the Covenant
      8. Grafted into the Body (article)
      9. Buying from Jehovah
      10. Loosing the Bonds of Shame (article)
      11. Treading on Serpents and Scorpions (sermon)
      12. Treading on Serpents and Scorpions
      13. Breaking into the Glory of God (sermon)
      14. Spiritual Strongholds: Things that Block the Blessings of God (sermon)
      15. A Prayer of Rejoicing
      16. Praying Always
      17. Seated, Sealed, and Singing a New Song (article)
      18. A Prayer to Depart from Iniquity

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