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Prayers III

Table of Contents

      1. The Language of the Body in Prayer
      2. A Prayer of Surrender
      3. A Prayer of the Human Spirit
      4. A Prayer to Experience and Enjoy Jesus
      5. A Prayer to be a Person of Honor
      6. A Declaration of Victory in Christ
      7. A Prayer for Beauty
      8. A Prayer for Restful Sleep
      9. Disarming the Enemy
      10. Breaking Leviathan, King of Pride
      11. A Prayer to Overcome Rejection
      12. A Prayer to Overcome Death
      13. A Prayer to Overcome Poverty
      14. Prayer for an Open Heaven
      15. When You Need a Hiding Place, a Haven, a Shelter, and a Refuge
      16. A Prayer for the Lost
      17. Prayer to Release People to Come to Ministry Gatherings
      18. A Prayer for Unity and Ethnic Reconciliation in the Body of Christ
      19. A Prayer for Ambassadors of Jesus Christ
      20. A Prayer for Those in the Five-fold Ministry
      21. A Prayer for the Nations

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